Parusha Naidoo

Staff | Program Coordinator, Global Transitional Justice Initiative

As Program Assistant to the Coalition’s Global Transitional Justice Initiative, Parusha Naidoo provides support to our transitional justice program work across Africa, Asia, MENA and Latin America. In 2015, she received a BA in Justice and Transformation from the University of Cape Town, and, in 2019, a MA in Global Affairs, with a specialty in Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame. Her studies and professional focus center on the systemic and symptomatic causes of conflict and inequality. Driven by a belief in social justice that interrogates positionality, power and access, she works toward a world where we don’t simply ask “Who has a seat at the table?” but rather “Who has a voice in the room?” Before coming to the Coalition, Parusha worked at the Life & Peace Institute in Kenya and the Restitution Foundation in South Africa.

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