Emlyn Koster

Emlyn Koster, PhD, is a geologist, museologist and humanist with UK, Canada and US citizenships. He has been the CEO of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Ontario Science Centre, Liberty Science Center next to Ellis Island, and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences which was recognized at the White House for outstanding community service. Former board chair of the Geological Association of Canada, Humanitarian of the Year by the American Conference on Diversity, and an inductee of France’s L’Ordre des Palmes Scientifique, he was the 2019 Alumni of Excellence Award honoree of the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa.

An adjunct professor of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at North Carolina State University, his publications and presentations, including to the United Nations, have increasingly infused the largest challenges that confront the Earth with a holistic, past-present-future, all-species perspective. He advocates for the Anthropocene – the increasingly defined epoch of human disruption of natural systems and a pervasive context for the human journey – to become the main framework of our conscience in the 21st century. This underpins his online teaching in Museum Studies at Johns Hopkins University, consultancy work, and further writing.