In partnership with UNDP and the Brazilian Amnesty Commission, ICSC implemented a multipronged project to strengthen memorialization efforts in Brazil through international collaboration and exchange, direct technical support, and knowledge and skills development.

The Coalition coordinated an international conference on memory and human rights for representatives from leading Sites of Conscience around the world; emerging memory initiatives in Brazil; Brazilian civil society organizations; survivors; scholars; and experts in museology, human rights and transitional justice. The conference served serve as a platform for skills development, discussion and innovation as well as regional and global exchange.

Leveraging our expertise and global network of Sites of Conscience, the Coalition provided technical support to the development of the Global Gallery of Conscience that constitutes part of the new Brazilian Memorial of Political Amnesty in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The Coalition produced, published, and oversaw the specialized translation of the manual Strengthening Memory, Justice and Human Rights in Brazil and the Southern Hemisphere. The manual features case studies from nine Sites of Conscience around the world, in addition to capacity-building components and program models and best practices for connecting past to present, promoting human rights, and inspiring broad civic action.