Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Serbia)

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) contributes to building lasting peace at national, regional, and international levels through a holistic approach to designing and implementing comprehensive programs related to transitional justice, democratization, and human rights.

In a deeply divided Serbian society where the narratives fueled by those in power are still inciting hostilities, divisions and ethno-centric knowledge about the past, YIHR instigates public discussions on the most important, yet sensitive, issues related to the democratic future of Serbia. Furthermore, YIHR reinforces youth take-change involvement in opposing nationalism and similar rightist politics.

YIHR pursues the creation of an inclusive social atmosphere where peace, truth, accountability, freedoms, and human rights of all individuals are its guiding principles fostering good-neighborly relations between ex-Yugoslav and European countries.

Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Serbia)
Dobračina 4
Belgrade 11000