Chicago Veterans for Peace – My Lai Memorial Exhibit (USA)

My Lai Memorial Exhibit
Remember/ Learn/ Seek Justice & Peace

This traveling exhibit honors the Vietnamese who died in their American War. The exhibit is a strong, anti-war response to the Pentagon’s $63 million dollar campaign to glorify our unnecessary, unjust and immoral military actions in Vietnam, actions often reflected  our continuing wars today.

We will travel across the U.S, with the Memorial Exhibit in 2018/2019 to fulfill the Veterans for Peace mission – to seek justice for veterans and the victims of war, expose the true costs of war and to work for peace.

The exhibit explores the tragic impact  of our political and military actions on the people of Vietnam through panels on the My Lai Massacre and the Vietnam War.  The exhibit honors the Vietnamese who were wounded, killed and had their villages, their homes, their livelihood and their social fabric torn apart.

The exhibit explores how how our governmental and military policies and practices developed, nurtured, implemented and then covered-up a campaign that led to the killing of 2 million Vietnamese civilians during the course of the war; a military campaign that allowed and encouraged the atrocity at My Lai, and other mass killings on the ground and with massive air and artillery attacks.

Seek Justice and Peace
Participants engage in a unique and powerful artistic process – building sculptural collages – engage in dialogue, and are invited to renew their commitment to work for peace and social justice.

Chicago Veterans for Peace – My Lai Memorial Exhibit (USA)
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Chicago Illinois United States