Museum of British Colonialism – Kenya/United Kingdom

The Museum of British Colonialism is a collective based in Kenya and the United Kingdom founded to communicate a more truthful account of British colonialism.

The museum’s pilot project focuses on documenting sites and experiences relating to the Mau Mau Emergency in Kenya (1952 – 1960), one of the most brutal – and least known – episodes in British colonial history. The museum’s team, made up of volunteers, has researched and visited a number of sites formerly used to detain and torture thousands of Kenyans.

They have collected a wealth of documentation, including oral testimonies from former detainees, and contemporary and archival images. The Museum has also produced a number of media pieces including a podcast, documentary, short films and a blog. Through collaborative, creative processes, the museum aims to promote social cohesion, understanding, and empathy within and between communities, nationally, and internationally. The long-term plan is to have a collection of online resources and physical exhibitions networked globally to build awareness of these events and experiences.

Museum of British Colonialism – Kenya/United Kingdom
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