Justice Access Point – Uganda

Established in 2018, and formerly registered in 2019, Justice Access Point (JAP) was inspired by the overarching and urgent need to kick start, reignite, and re-invigorate different aspects of the stalled transitional justice process in Uganda.

JAP’s objectives include:

  • To support the realization of the national targets related to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, especially programs related to people’s access to justice, human rights, peace, and security in Uganda;
  • To popularize and encourage civil society engagement with the peace and justice initiatives within the East African Community, the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region, the African Union, and the United Nations;
  • To build the capacity of citizens, civic groups, and citizen organizations in the utilization of the available domestic, regional, and international mechanisms to meet the justice needs of citizenry in fragile and post-conflict communities;
  • To advocate for the state ratification and full domestication of treaties relevant to the prevention of and accountability for international crimes and mass atrocities; and
  • To advocate for a conducive policy and legal framework for transitional justice for war-affected communities in Uganda.
Justice Access Point – Uganda
P.O.Box 11231
Kampala Uganda