Guinean Organization of Human Rights (OGDH)

Founded in 1990, the Guinean Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and the Citizen (OGDH) is a non-governmental organization independent of public authorities and any political or doctrinal movement. Its purpose is to make known, to promote and defend the fundamental rights and freedoms of man, of all men, without discrimination or exclusion.

The Guinean Constitution confers on citizens inviolable, inalienable, and imprescriptible rights in accordance with the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights. The OGDH considers that the defense of human rights is an inescapable duty for every citizen. They aim to ensure a broad knowledge of human rights and fundamental freedoms through appropriate training, information and documentation; to organize seminars, symposia and other events that can inform the public about fundamental rights and freedoms; to create, in relation with similar organizations active in Guinea and other countries on the continent, a culture of human rights in Africa; to maintain close collaboration with similar organizations working in Guinea as well as with other countries and other international instruments, in particular with the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The African Union, of which Guinea is a party, stipulates that the human person is sacred and inviolable and has the right to his physical integrity and respect.

Guinean Organization of Human Rights (OGDH)
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