Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution Project (Syria)

Families for Freedom, Paul Wagner, The Syria Campaign

Launched in May of 2013 as a project by the nonprofit AMAKEN, Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution collects, documents, and archives creative expressions. Creative Memory then identifies, authenticates, and contextualizes those collected works, making them available in Arabic, English, and French. The archives are used to inform and develop new projects, such as the Map, Idlib walls, the ChronologyStory of A place, the Directory, and the project on Detainees and Disappeared

At Creative Memory, the archive is viewed as a political tool against forced oblivion, denial, and the unilateral “the winner” narrative. It is a major and unavoidable act to guarantee the right to know and to spread a culture of accountability and responsibility that will enable justice one day. Creative Memory considers its work as a living memory, self-defense, and proof of existing. As said by Lokman Slim, “Memory is a battlefield.”

Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution Project (Syria)
Paris 75014