Addressing the Silences: Reflecting on Exclusions in Your Organization

The first step of external change is internal reflection. In this webinar you will hear stories and frameworks for organizational reflection. ICSC and project participants will share an assessment tool to assist attendees in beginning to reflect on their organization’s community representation and engagement. You’ll learn ways of identifying and describing communities that recognize their complexities and interests. Project participants will also share how and why they decided on one community of focus and began identifying potential partners.

This webinar is the first of three in a series that share stories and tools for reflection, collaboration, and internal change as the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience leads a cohort of thirteen museums and community partners across the United States in Addressing the Silences, a three-year project intended to help sites create ever deeper, more meaningful relationships in their communities. Since first coming together in late 2022, project participants have worked to   – foster co-creation with their communities and correct silences and absences in their institutions so that they can better leverage their extraordinary capacity to serve as spaces for reflection and centers for positive social change.