European Regional Network

War Childhood Museum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Sites of Conscience Network (ICSC-Europe) works to leverage the power of Sites of Conscience to engage their communities in the most pressing regional issues including  migration, xenophobia and a rise in nationalistic sentiments in order to address these challenges and promote tolerance. By using the lessons of history, ICSC-Europe aims to help Sites of Conscience create programs that foster empathy, civic engagement, and a deeper understanding of the consequences of injustice – all integral to building peaceful, tolerant societies. Collectively, the Network aims to foster open and peaceful societies that embrace diversity, protect human rights and support accountability; that critically engage with memory and history; that use dialogue as a tool to heal divisions and promote understanding and self-reflection; and that empower all its members to serve the common good by actively participating in democratic processes and public life with the goal to achieve human dignity for all.  

In addition, the Network facilitates the sharing of methodologies and best practices throughout Europe, and enables European members to conduct exchanges with members in other regions. Joint projects include traveling exhibits and interactive installations that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. Each year, ICSC-Europe convenes to deepen and share Sites of Conscience methodologies that transform historic sites into centers for active civic engagement. In 2015, European Sites of Conscience united to form a legally registered entity in Europe, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience – Europe (ICSC-Europe). ICSC-Europe is coordinated by a Steering Committee of member sites. 

For more information, or to become involved, please contact Justine DiMayo,

Regional Manager for Europe and MENA.

Regional Projects and Resources

Lilliput Plus


The LILLIPUT PLUS project is an initiative of the multidisciplinary Lilliput Network and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience – Europe (the Coalition) to pilot and systematize a new methodology for European historic museums and cultural centers to more effectively engage families in their programming.

Conflict and Legacy: The Role of Sites of Conscience
in Fostering Reconciliation


The 2022 European Sites of Conscience Meeting, hosted by the Bloody Sunday Trust and the Museum of Free Derry, in Derry, Northern Ireland, brought a focus on the important role that European Sites of Conscience play in promoting a better understanding of the legacies of violence, oppression and sectarianism within the region and abroad, and in transforming our diverse societies to be more tolerant, inclusive and peaceful. Check the event’s agenda here.

In 2015, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience – Europe (ICSC-Europe) was launched as a subsidiary regional entity of ICSC to gather the support of European governments, foundations and civil societies, and expand the work of Sites of Conscience in Europe and around the world. 

ICSC-Europe is registered as an AISBL (international not-for-profit organization) in Belgium and is housed at the Red Star Line Museum (Antwerp), a long-standing member of ICSC.