With over 300 members in more than 65 countries, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience offers unprecedented access to a range of sites and methodologies dedicated to connecting past struggles to today’s movements for human rights. To best share these resources, we offer three webinar series.

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Conscience Matters Webinar Series

Conscience Matters brings together members, Coalition staff and special guests to probe pressing issues facing Sites of Conscience today and showcase innovative and effective strategies to help members energize their audiences and play a leading role in our global movement for memory.

Revamping Your Exhibit

Many museums would love to update their exhibitions, but doing so can be expensive. In this webinar, learn simple and inexpensive strategies to rethink and update your exhibitions – and engage your community in the process.

Thursday, February 25th at 10 am EST

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Sites of Conscience

Sites of Conscience from around the world will share the ways that intangible cultural heritage – from songs to rituals to agricultural practices – can strengthen communities and build more just futures.

Thursday, May 20th at 10 am EST

Last In Line: Racism and the History of Public Health

In this webinar, join Ed Tepporn, the Executive Director of Angel Island Immigration Station, and Nadine Garcia from Trust for America’s Health, as they use the history of public health to shine a light on ongoing discriminatory practices.

Thursday, April 15th at 10 am EST

LGBTQ+ and Transitional Justice

This webinar examine the historical roots of discrimination against LGBTQIA+ populations in Africa, their experiences under authoritarian regimes and in periods of systematic rights violations, and the human rights architecture protecting LGBTQIA+ rights.

Thursday, June 17th at 10 am EST

Webinar Shorts

Webinar Shorts are 30- to 45-minute interactive sessions devoted to core elements of Sites of Conscience methodology, member profiles and tools to support self-care and creativity.

TikTok, Trolls and Sites of Conscience

Social media channels can be effective at reaching and activating youth, but they can also be breeding grounds for racist ideology. Join Linda Norris, Senior Specialist in Methodology and Practice, as she offers tips for effectively responding to hostile online commentary.

Friday, March 12th at 11 am EST

Overcoming Organizational Fears of Failure

The past year has brought many difficult changes to cultural organizations. In this session, you’ll learn specific strategies on ways to help organizational teams manage challenging situations. 

Wednesday, April 7th at 10 am EST

Reckoning with Systemic Racism

As part of its Global Summit “Building Global Capacity for Inclusive Democracy,” the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience will host three workshops. This Webinar Short will preview some of the major themes to be explored during the workshop. 

Wednesday, May 12th at 10 am EST