With over 300 members in more than 65 countries, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience offers unprecedented access to a range of sites and methodologies dedicated to connecting past struggles to today’s movements for human rights. To best share these resources, we offer three webinar series.

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Conscience Matters Webinar Series

Conscience Matters brings together members, Coalition staff and special guests to probe pressing issues facing Sites of Conscience today and showcase innovative and effective strategies to help members energize their audiences and play a leading role in our global movement for memory.

Transitional Justice & Religious Leaders

This webinar will allow panelists to exchange experiences on the involvement of religious leaders in transitional justice processes and creative ways to engage religious leaders in support of truth-telling, justice and healing.
Thursday, September 23rd at 10 am EST

Language and Terms

In this Conscience Matters webinar, join Braden Paynter, Director of Methodology and Practice, and Linda Norris, Senior Specialist of Methodology and Practice, as they discuss language and terms as they relate to Sites of Conscience across the globe. 
Thursday, November 18th at 10 am EST

Role of CSOs & Non-State Actors in Contributing Toward Reparations

The Coalition will discuss with parners how CSOs and non-state actors can foster healing.
Thursday, October 21st at 10 am EST

Racism, Ethnicity, and Xenophobia

Pratima Narayan, Senior Program Manager with the GIJTR, will discuss the renewed Global Responsibility to Protect and ways that communities can take early action against discrimination.
Thursday, December 16th at 10 am EST

Webinar Shorts

Webinar Shorts are 30- to 45-minute interactive sessions devoted to core elements of Sites of Conscience methodology, member profiles and tools to support self-care and creativity.

Member Spotlight: Asia & the Pacific

In this Member Spotlight, Global Networks Program Director, Silvia Fernández, will profile a member from our Asia & the Pacific Sites of Conscience Region. More information forthcoming soon.

Wednesday, September 29th at 10 am EST

Member Spotlight: Latin America

Join Gegê Leme Joseph, Senior Program Manager for Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean will profile a member from our Latin American and Caribbean Sites of Conscience Region. 

Wednesday, October 27th at 10 am EST

Reaching People Outside of Digital Spaces

In this webinar, hear from members about their strategies for ensuring that all members of a community are included in Sites of Conscience programming.

Wednesday, December 1st at 10 am EST

When to Engage & Disengage from Harmful Behavior

Braden Paynter discusses the ins and outs of “Calling In and Calling Out,” two strategies facilitators can use to deepen conversations at your site.

Wednesday, October 6th at 10 am EST

Navigating Visitor Comments Effectively

In this webinar short, the Coalition’s Ashley Nelson and Braden Paynter will offer strategies for avoiding careless commentary and effectively engaging with it when it does occur.

Wednesday, November 3rd at 10 am EST