Academic Affiliates

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience believes that the complex challenges faced by our members and their communities are best addressed when people with a broad range of knowledge, skills, and personal experiences come together.

Our Academic Affiliates program allows academic education programs to work in partnership with the Coalition’s global network of museums, parks, historic sites, and places of memory to further the work of using the past to build just and humane societies today.

This partnership enables the Coalition to connect academic education programs from diverse disciplines with each other, with Coalition staff, and with Sites of Conscience around the world, merging theory and practice to support faculty and help Sites of Conscience to thrive. Through networking, trainings, public programs, regional and online gatherings, the Coalition also shares the knowledge and experience of its 350+ members in 65 countries with students as they begin building their own future.

Who Is Eligible?

University-level accredited education programs focusing on subjects related to the Coalition’s work, including museum studies, education, memorialization, history, human rights, public history and transitional justice. We encourage all who find relevance in this work to learn more about connecting. All current Academic Affiliate institutions are listed on this page.

What Are the Benefits?

• Connection to over 350 Sites of Conscience across the globe, each bridging past to present, memory to action;

• An online training by Coalition staff on Sites of Conscience methodology, theory or another aspect of our work that is most relevant to the program joining (once per membership cycle);

• Ability of faculty and students to contribute to the Coalition’s online Resource Center, which shares dozens of resources developed by members and Coalition staff on program design, dialogue facilitation, project evaluation, and more with the public;

• Eligibility for faculty and students to participate in Conscience Matters, the Coalition’s webinar series in which members come together to learn more about each other’s work and engage in cross-border, peer-to-peer exchange;

• Member discount for on-site training; and

• Listing on the Coalition website and the use of a Coalition Affiliate logo.


$500 per year

Create Account Deatails

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Applicant Name and Contact Information

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Communications and Promotion:

  • The Coalition regularly promotes its members through its print and online outlets. To accommodate this, please attach two descriptions of your organization a brief, 1-2 sentence summary, and a more detailed paragraph (around 150 words) describing your history, mission, and activities.
  • In addition, please email 4-6 photos that are representative of your work, at no less than 1200 X 1800 pixels (300 DPI), to Ideally, we would appreciate a mix of still shots of your location and more action based shots with people engaging in activities.

Applicant Goals and Activities:



How to Apply?

To apply, click here. For more information, please email Braden Paynter, Director of Methodology and Practice, at