Webinar – Weddings at Former Plantations?


Weddings at Former Plantations? Determining Event and Visitor Behavior Policies at Historical Sites

This webinar will be held on June 5th at 10 am New York, 4 pm Berlin, 9 am Bogota Time.

As spaces of both collective and individual use many of whom have historically struggled for financial stability, how can we best create ethical policies for private events and visitor interactions at sites? How do sites navigate policy-making around venue rental and visitor behavior – from selfies and photography choices to clothing that features hate speech? How does a site’s history impact how private events are hosted there or how visitors interact with the space today? What happens when sites of human enslavement, genocide, assassination, incarceration, war, and environmental disaster become the sites of weddings, birthday parties and galas? Join Braden Paynter in conversation with Shawn Halifax from the McLeod Plantation Historic Site and Henrike Claussen from Memorium Nuremberg Trials. Registration is open here.