Statement on the International Court of Justice Ruling to Protect Rohingya Muslims

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is fully supportive of the ruling by the International Court of Justice at The Hague that Myanmar must take action to protect Rohingya Muslims. Yesterday’s decision is an integral step to ensuring that the ethnic minority group, which has endured decades of brutal abuse by Myanmar’s state forces, will be able to finally live without fear of threats and genocidal acts.

The next step, however, is also vitally important – and that is ensuring that the Rohingya community have the skills they need to document and share the human rights violations they have endured. If these abuses are swept under the rug, the likelihood of future violence remains high. Working with our local partners, the Coalition is the only international organization working with the Rohingya in the camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh to equip the community with the skills they need to document their own stories.

To read more about our work, see our post: Documenting Human Rights Violations with Rohingya Communities