The Liliesleaf Trust UK

The Liliesleaf Trust UK (TLTU), a charity established in 2018, advances public knowledge of Britain’s central role in the international social movement to end apartheid in Southern Africa. We connect the learnings from this movement – one of the most important, Black-led histories of the 20th Century – to deliver our mission: “Empower communities today through engagement with the heritage of the movement against apartheid in Britain, exploring how solidarity, equality, anti-racism, and civic participation can change the world.”

Our Trustees and Project Advisory Group predominantly self-identify as Black and Southern African diaspora and as individuals closely involved in anti-apartheid activities, ensuring lived experience is at the heart of engagement in our story.

We are currently developing 28 Penton Street, Islington – the former African National Congress-in exile’s HQ and hub of British anti-apartheid activities – to become a centrepoint for public engagement in this history. The “Anti-Apartheid Legacy: Centre of Memory and Learning” [working title] -, expected to open in 2024, will include a permanent exhibition, an archive/collection, project spaces, a community garden, and Learning Studio. It will unlock a regular programme of exhibitions, events, workshops and training opportunities, annually reaching c.60,000 people, with a parallel online offer enabling us to reach an international audience.

As we work towards opening, we deliver a regular programme of public engagement through partnerships with community groups, schools, universities, local government and cultural organizations that create exhibitions, events, in-school education, and research. In four years, we’ve engaged 74,000 people in empowering participation.

The Liliesleaf Trust UK
28 Penton Street
London United Kingdom