Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project (USA)

screen-shot-2015-05-03-at-12-05-38-pmSacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project is a project of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality. It was established on December 10, 2004, to build awareness of Gabriel’s Rebellion and to launch the campaign to reclaim Richmond’s first municipal African Burial Ground (1799-1816).

SGHRP’s operating principle is to apply historical insight to contemporary dynamics to help oppressed peoples assert their right to self-determination. As the public history heart of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality, a Richmond-based social justice group, the goal of the SGHRP is to draw together the threads of past to present events into a stronger web of knowledge and planning for the future.

It aims to strengthen freedom struggles and win victories for a healthier, more humane and respectful world by recalling and promoting the historical people, places and actions that set the precedents for our present lives.

Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project (USA)
P.O. Box 23202
Richmond Virginia United States