Last Address (Russia)

The Last Address is a civic initiative to commemorate the victims of repressions in the Soviet Union. A small commemorative plaque (postcard-sized) is installed on the buildings and houses that are the last known residential addresses of those arrested.

The essence of the initiative is that ordinary people deserve to be commemorated, not only “VIPs” which typically receive memorial plaques.  Every commemorative plaque is dedicated to one person only, with the project operating according to the motto “One name, one life, one sign”.

A sign is installed on the façade of a building so as to be visible from the pavement. To create a new sign, one person, who pays the net cost of production, lettering, and installation, submits an application. By June 2019, over 900 memorial plaques have been installed throughout Russia.

This project is coordinated by the non-commercial entity Last Address Foundation for the Commemoration of Victims of Political Repression (Russian: Фонд увековечения памяти жертв политических репрессий «Последний Адрес»).

Last Address (Russia)
Maly Karetny Pereulok, 12,
Moscow Russia