Fund B92 – Museum of Tolerance (Serbia)

Front door of the Fund B92 HQ in downtown Belgrade, also home of our own Cultural centre Rex, with participants of art project working on the steps. The building served as Jewish Cultural and Community Centre until German occupation in April 1941, after which most of the Belgrade Jews were executed. We consider it our “site of conscience” until the City and State decide to make Staro Sajmiste camp a memory and education site.Fund B92 is a non-profit organization that designs and produces humanitarian, cultural, educational, and socially responsible campaigns and projects to prevent and solve different social problems.

Since its establishment in 2004, Fund has been at the forefront of the battle for a better society by initiating changes and creating a positive social climate in Serbia and the wider region. In recent years, Fund has concentrated on improving two main systemic areas – education and health for two main target groups – youth/children and women.

Dealing with the past and facing atrocities from recent conflicts in the Balkans are the pillars of Fund B92’s work. Through different media, B92 has created a platform for the public to learn from past events and prevent similar tragic developments in the future, fostering respect for freedom of expression and human rights and promoting social responsibility and humanistic values in Serbian and societies in the region.

Projects from the organization include the co-producing of documentary films on WWII Old Fairground Nazi concentration camp in Belgrade, developing and implementing educational programs for young audiences, like Free Zone Junior, Back to the Past and Re: Generation.
Fund B92 – Museum of Tolerance (Serbia)
RDP B92 a.d. Bulevar Zorana Dindica 64
Belgrad Serbia