Engaging the public in contentious conversations is not easy, but it is often necessary. For nearly twenty years, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience has helped museums, historic sites and other public spaces become dynamic centers for community engagement through personalized training solutions grounded in the work of thought leaders, educators and human rights advocates around the world.

Supported by the time-tested methodologies of over 250 members, our interactive trainings will guide your team from insight to implementation, and are designed to suit the unique experience and opportunities at your institution. The following trainings are offered to members of the Coalition as well as non-members. Members receive a discount and can gain further access to related toolkits and best practices through our Resource Center. To view a list of organizations trained, click here.


Essential Engagement: Dialogic Interpretation

Our flagship training, this multi-day course provides instruction in facilitated dialogue – an intentional, structured process that allows visitors to interact with site content and with one another in profound new ways.

The Coalition has trained over 10,000 professionals from across the globe in dialogue since this program premiered in 2012, and every day we see the impact of these trainings.

An Essential Engagement Training can be personalized to include sessions on:

  • Using dialogue in informal interpretation
  • Engaging youth and multigenerational audiences
  • Navigating conflict
  • Engaging leadership and frontline staff in embracing change
  • Integrating dialogue into communications and social media strategies

Our goal is to help position your organization for success in the long-term. Our team can work with you to tailor a site-specific approach to meet your unique needs and support your institution with program design, skills assessment and virtual trainings for new staff.


Getting Started: Connecting Past to Present

Helping institutions connect past to present and move audiences from memory to action is at the heart of the Sites of Conscience movement.  This introductory training shares specific strategies for making these connections through programming, laying the foundation for broad and lasting impact.


Transformation in Action: Evaluating Impact

The best evaluation programs allow you to understand your organization’s effectiveness amid a range of social and political factors. Building on our successful monitoring and evaluation efforts around the globe, our team will help you develop tools to identify and share your impact with your stakeholders.


Leading the Change: Strategic Planning

A personalized program led by staff with decades of non-profit leadership experience, our strategic planning sessions can help you reorient your activities with the goal of deeper, more personal visitor engagement, as well as more efficient and effective operations. Our holistic approach invites stakeholders at all levels of your organization to participate, ensuring maximum buy-in and lasting organizational change.

For more information or to book a training, please email training@sitesofconscience.org.