Join the thousands of individuals worldwide who have accepted the challenge of ‘Never Again.’

“Ever since I first learned about Sites of Conscience, I have worked to support the movement. Historic sites have a unique potential to transform our understanding of the past and inspire us to create a better world for ourselves and our children. Over the years, I have seen the movement grow and have witnessed first hand how sites across the globe contribute to promoting positive cultures of human rights. I hope you will join me in supporting this important organization.” – Suzette Brooks Masters, Distinguished Member of the Coalition’s Ambassadors Circle
Be a part of a growing worldwide network of museums, historic sites, memory initiatives, and activists dedicated to connecting past and present, and memory to action, to shape a more just future. Your generous gift will help the Sites of Conscience movement work toward a future in which the lessons of history spark action to stem the recurrence of violence and conflict and mobilize those striving for peace and justice. Learn more about the impact of your gift. Also, support us on Amazon Smile. To donate, click the donate button, or kindly send a check to:  
Risa Zoll, Director of Development
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
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