“Webinar Shorts,” part of our “Stronger Together: COVID-19 Webinar Series”

Doudou Diène, the Chair of the Coalition’s Board, at Maison des Esclaves in Senegal in February 2020.

With the pandemic putting additional constraints on everything from our time to our emotional states, flexibility is more important than ever. To accommodate this, the Coalition will be hosting “webinar shorts” as part of our larger “Stronger Together: COVID-19 Webinar Series.” These weekly, 20-minute interactive sessions are devoted to core elements of Sites of Conscience methodology that can assist Sites of Conscience to adapt to short- and long-term changes related to COVID-19. They will take place on Wednesdays at 10am (EST-NY) starting on April 29, 2020. Sessions include:


Digital Dialogue

Wednesday, April 29th at 10am (EST-NY)

Responding to the pandemic heightens our need for dialogue and connection. This session will offer strategies for dialogue in digital spaces as Sites of Conscience explore new platforms for fostering care and understanding in their communities. 

To watch this session, click here.


Building a More Just and Humane “New Normal”

Wednesday, May 6th at 10am (EST-NY)

Crises can lead to expansions or constrictions of civil and human rights. Hear about how Sites of Conscience can advocate for expanding them in what will soon be the “new normal” following the pandemic.


Perspectives From Around the World

Wednesday, May 13th at 10am (EST-NY)

COVID-19 is a global experience. Join our Global Networks regional managers for a unique conversation about how societies and Sites of Conscience around the world are being impacted, and what they see as the common emerging themes and most productive responses. Watch the session here.


Memorializing COVID-19

Wednesday, May 20th at 10am (EST-NY)

Challenging collective experiences produce personal and social memories that are an essential component in moving forward following trauma. Memorialization at the individual and community levels is a critical tool to ensure that painful periods are acknowledged and that communities have platforms to share their stories and heal. Join us as we provide suggestions for and examples of effective memorialization efforts from across the globe. To watch this session, click here.


Understanding Crisis Through a Transitional Justice Lens

Wednesday, May 27th at 10am (EST-NY)

Learn, adapt and apply frameworks designed to assist communities in crisis gain perspective and take action. With support from the Coalition’s Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation, this session will use transitional justice frameworks to help organizations analyze and plan short- and long-term community support in the middle of a crisis. To register, click here.


Member Highlight: The Partition Museum

Wednesday, June 3rd at 9 am (EST-NY)

In this webinar, the Partition Museum will talk about its collection of oral histories and personal artefacts and its approach to sharing stories of the Partition with the wider community. The discussion will then address the museum’s response to Covid-19 and its transition to online engagement, through social media, online activities, distance learning, and internship programmes. To register, click here.


Reopening: Lessons Learned

TBA at 10am (EST-NY)

Hear from Coalition members in countries that faced the worst of their COVID infections early and have now begun to reopen their societies. What is working, what would they do differently, and how can their experience help your Site of Conscience prepare for reopening?




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