Peace Institute of Cambodia – Youth for Peace

The Peace Institute of Cambodia -Youth for Peace is a community memory initiative that supports community peace learning centers, including efforts to transform mass killing sites into centers for dialogues, remembrance, and peacebuilding. Envisioning

Nonviolence International Southeast Asia (Philippines)

Nonviolence International Southeast Asia (NVI) is a nongovernment organization which has been working on peacebuilding, conflict transformation, humanitarian disarmament, and supporting peace processes in the region since 1992. In 2005,

Liberation War Museum (Bangladesh)

The Liberation War Museum was established to disseminate a non-partisan history of the War of Independence, and currently holds over 11,000 items in its collection. It is a living museum

Jamalpur Gandhi Ashram (Bangladesh)

The Ashram is a historic sanctuary that was established in Jamalpur, Bangladesh in the 1930s following the principles of non-violence and non-cooperation as set forth by Mahatma Gandhi. After the partition

Institute of Social Development (Sri Lanka)

The Institute of Social Development (ISD) created the Tea Plantation Workers Museum to enlighten the wider community about the lives of the tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka. Many of

Gandhi Ashram Trust (Bangladesh)

The Gandhi Ashram Trust (GAT) is a philanthropic development organization working in Noakhali, Bangladesh. The objectives of GAT are derived from the core values of Gandhian philosophy and guidelines of rural