Project Support Fund

Getting a new public program off the ground requires funds, technical know-how and promotional marketing. Through the Project Support Fund (PSF), the Coalition gives members all three of these key resources in one comprehensive grant package.

The Project Support Fund provides capacity-building grants of up to $10,000 paired with one-on-one consultations with the Coalition’s staff and other members to support the design and implementation of innovative new Sites of Conscience programs and initiatives that use the lessons of history to spark action on contemporary issues. The Project Support Fund has a rigorous application process and project grants are awarded by a peer-led Grant Review Committee. To check 2020 PSF Awardees, click here.


2021 Global Theme: Human Rights Dimensions of COVID-19

The 2021 Project Support Fund is now closed. Given the scale and severity of the pandemic, this year the Coalition’s Project Support Fund (PSF) focused on bolstering programs that enable local communities to emerge stronger from COVID-19. In particular, members were encouraged to develop innovative projects that begin to address and help alleviate the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on marginalized groups – by examining such topics as the rise in domestic violence against women, the rise in hate crimes against Asians, the ways that racism and public health intersect, and the pandemic’s impact on human rights, among others. Priority was given to replicable projects that center communities’ needs, rights and aspirations, foster a deep reflection on the root causes of social inequities, and help break cycles of exclusion, poverty, violence and discrimination.


What types of initiatives does PSF support this round?

PSF supported initiatives that help mitigate the disproportionate effects of the global pandemic on vulnerable groups by developing projects that address key human rights concerns exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis such as:

  • freedom of expression/information/association and peaceful assembly
  • freedom of movement/personal liberty
  • access to food, water, health care, and care-giving support
  • access to education
  • discrimination, racism, xenophobia and hate speech
  • gender based violence/gender inequality
  • access to economic relief


Who Can Apply?

The Project Support Fund is open to members of the Coalition in good standing (dues fully paid). Previous Project Support Fund recipients must wait a minimum of twelve months following the close of their most recent project to reapply.

What Types of Projects Are Supported?

The Project Support Fund is designed for pilot projects that allow members to try new pioneering approaches. In recent years, grant recipients have created interactive digital maps of sites of atrocities; launched dynamic traveling exhibits to reach rural children; and produced radio shows featuring intergenerational dialogue on key human rights issues.

Coalition members may apply for one of three grant categories:

  • On-Site Projects: Innovative public programs that inspire reflection and action on pressing issues, that use new technologies or methods, or that target new populations with which the site has not previously engaged. For example: human rights education programs, public dialogues on new issues, programs that aim to create or use new tools that evaluate the impact of Sites of Conscience programming.
  • Peer-Exchanges: Projects that focus on members learning from one other. For example, a representative from one site might visit another to learn how it implements a specific project; a site representative, Trustee or Secretariat staff member might provide advice on a specific project; one member might seek mentoring from another member around a specific need.
  • Advocacy Projects or Missions: Projects in which a Coalition site Director, Trustee, and/or Secretariat staff member helps legitimize and build public support for a particular human rights or social justice issue by sharing their international experience with local communities, authorities, and media.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Coalition’s Secretariat prior to submitting an application, and well in advance of the submission deadline.  Below are selected examples of final reports presented by recent PSF Awardees. You can also visit our Resource Center to find more PSF reports, applications, and proposals.


How to Apply

The 2021 Project Support Fund is now closed. The next Project Support Fund round will open in February 2022. For more information, please email:


PSF Guidelines

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