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Project Support Fund

Archivo Historico de la Policia Nacional (Guatemala)

After secret police documents were discovered in Guatemala, Archivo Historico de la Policia Nacional brought in the community to help develop the public repository.

What sets Sites of Conscience programs apart? Our members use innovative methods to spark action on today’s issues by using the lessons from history, as told by a place.

To get a new public program off the ground requires funds, technical know-how, and promotional marketing. Our Project Support Fund gives members all three of these key benefits in one comprehensive grant package.

The Project Support Fund is a capacity-building grant of up to $10,000 paired with one-on-one consultations with the Coalition’s Secretariat and members to support the design and implementation of new programs or initiatives, as well as the development of evaluation and marketing plans.

The Project Support Fund has a competitive application process (details below). Project grants are awarded by a peer-led Grant Review Committee.

Who Can Apply?
What Types Of Projects Do You Support?
How To Apply
Forms and Guidelines

Who Can Apply?

The Project Support Fund is open to members of the Coalition. Any member of the Coalition may contact Silvia Fernandez for more information about the Project Support Fund.

What Types of Projects Do You Support?

The Project Support Fund is designed for pilot or incubator projects so that members can experiment and innovate. The type of experimentation the Project Support Fund encourages includes:

  • new programs on a topic that the Site has never previously addressed
  • programs that use new methodologies or technologies
  • programs that bring in new audiences that the Site has never worked with before
  • programs that use new evaluation methods or that use evaluation for the first time.

Coalition members may apply for any of the following types of programs:

  • On-site programs: New and innovative public programs that inspire reflection and action on new issues or that use new technologies or methods or that target new populations with which the Site has not previously engaged. For example: Human rights education programs, public dialogues on new issues, programs that aim to create or use new tools that evaluate the impact of Sites of Conscience programming.
  • Advocacy projects or missions: Projects that specifically focus on advocating for the Site or around a specific human rights or social justice issue with which the Site is engaged. These projects include developing “advocacy missions” where the Site invites international Coalition members to publicly support the Site, or creating a media (including social media) campaign around an issue.
  • Peer exchange projects: Projects that specifically focus on members learning from each other to design new programs or refine existing programs. For example, a representative from one Site might visit another to learn how that Site implements a specific project; a Site representative, Trustee, or Secretariat staff member might provide advice on a specific project; one Site might seek mentoring from another Site around a specific issue or need.

How To Apply

1. Review the Forms and Guidelines section carefully.

2. Please contact the Coalition office before you apply. Secretariat staff is available to discuss the overall concept for the project, its planning, and execution, as well as to connect you with other Sites and experts who could serve as resources, including as potential partners for peer exchanges.

3. After this preliminary conversation, Coalition members may submit a completed project description by email. The application must follow and address all sections of the On-Site Project OR Peer Exchange Formats.

4. All forms must be submitted by the deadlines announced each summer.


The Coalition is currently conducting an strategic review of the operating structure of the Project Support Fund. There will be a pause in the grant review process for the Coalition’s Project Support Fund from February 2014 until July 2014. New submission deadlines will be announced in July 2014. Thank you.

Forms and Guidelines

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