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Enab Baladi (Syria)

Enab Baladi is a nonprofit media organization that works to present quality independent journalism about the Syrian Revolution and the Syrian People. It produces a weekly newspaper –Enab Baladi– that is based in Syria. The newspaper was established by a team of amateur journalists who have gained specialized professional training from international media organizations. The first issue of Enab Baladi was published in January 2012. Since then, it has been printed each week on Sundays. Issue #105 was published on February 23, 2014. In addition to the weekly newspaper, it publishes a bi-weekly magazine, Tayyaret Waraq, for children aged 7 to 14. To date, Enab Baladi’s work has been self-funded and supported by a team of volunteers. Enab Baladi currently has 30 employees/volunteers and has a board elected every year by the general assembly of the newspaper. Enab Baladi has an executive team which runs the day to day operations. Enab Baladi currently prints over a thousand copies every week and distributes them in different parts of Syria in addition to a limited number of copies distributed outside Syria. The PDF version of the newspaper reaches to hundreds of subscribers in our electronic distribution list. All materials of every issue are published on Enab Baladi website and social media pages including over 175,000 Facebook fans.


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