Regional Network Meetings

To inspire broad civic action on local human rights issues, the Coalition has developed Regional Networks that hold annual meetings open to all Coalition members. These gatherings build the capacity of emerging initiatives in specific regions and strengthen the collective memory of past struggles for human rights through joint public projects, workshops, one-on-one consultations and other activities. They offer the opportunity for cross-regional exchange and collaboration, providing members with the unique experience of sharing methodologies and best practices across regions. Below is information on upcoming meetings.

“The Voices of Victims: Oral History, Memory and Justice in MENA”

MENA Regional Network Meeting

May 14-18, 2017

Hammamet and Tunis, Tunisia

Regional Workshop Hosts: Association for Justice and RehabilitationMediterranean Forum for MemoryTunisian Institute for Democracy and Development

Bringing together representatives from approximately 14 organizations in nine countries from the Middle East and North Africa, the upcoming meeting in Tunisia will focus on using oral histories to activate memory and justice efforts, building on current Tunisian initiatives that incorporate victims’ voices into transitional justice processes. During the workshop, the MENA Regional Network will also present a pilot version of a digital map of sites of human rights violations in the region. The workshop will include a training on oral history collection, which will enable the network to incorporate survivors’ testimonies into the map and also to engage audiences online more effectively. Finally, the workshop will include network strategic planning, including how to move forward with current joint projects and explore potential future areas of collaboration.

For more information or to attend, please contact Global Networks Program Director Linda Norris at


“Sites of Conscience: Looking to the Past to Build a Rights-Based Future”

African Regional Network Meeting

May 29-June 1, 2017

Kigali, Rwanda

Regional Workshop Host:National Commission for the Fight Against GenocideKigali Genocide Memorial

This unique gathering will convene members of the African Sites of Conscience Regional Network, a cohort of Rwandan survivors, activists and practitioners, and professionals from the field of heritage and memorialization. Participants will engage in training and exchange on innovative practices in site interpretation and dialogue-based public programs.

The gathering will also offer participants the opportunity to join panel and small group discussions on ways to engage communities in memorialization and advocacy inititaitves across Africa, and to exchange and promote model practices for fostering dynamic and engaging memory projects, including intergenerational programs and exhibitions. The meeting will include visits to local sites of memory and will be an opportunity for participants to establish new alliances and partnerships.

For more information or to attend, please contact Global Networks Program Director Linda Norris at


Related Events

The American Alliance of Museums will hold their annual meeting from May 7-10, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. Below is a selected list of panels and events featuring Coalition staff and members. For more information, click here.

“International Meet and Greet”

American Alliance of Museums

May 8, 2017  –  3:00-4:00 PM

International Lounge, America’s Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, MO

Join ICOM-US and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (and ICOM’s newest Affiliated Organization), and meet colleagues from around the world. The Coalition’s Global Networks Program Director Linda Norris and Methodology and Practice Program Manager Braden Paynter will be on hand.


Linking Cultural Museums and Environmental Justice”

American Alliance of Museums

May 8, 2017  –  8:45-10:00 AM

St. Louis America’s Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, MO

Panelists: Braden Paynter (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience), Julieanne Fontana (Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park), Kerry Olson (Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area), Rosa M. Cabrera (Rafael Cintron Ortiz Latino Cultural Center)

The everyday challenges our communities face are increasingly linked to the environment, justice and climate change. Cultural institutions struggle to connect with these issues, yet they have a unique ability to link community movements, scientists and their past. Join the conversation about how environment, science, history and justice are all linked in our institutions and communities. For more information, click here.


“Museums as Builders of Global Communities”

American Alliance of Museums

May 8, 2017  –  8:45-10:00 AM

St. Louis America’s Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, MO

Panelists: Linda Norris (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience), Cris Scorza (Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego), Sarah Rose (Old Dartmouth Historical Society New Bedford Whaling Museum), Sheila McGuire (Minneapolis Institute of Art)

Project coordinators from three U.S. museums who participated in Museums Connect global partnership programs with institutions in Mexico, Kenya and Iceland will discuss the enormous benefits as well as some of the challenges that arose during their programs. Youth empowerment and environmental sustainability are at the heart of these projects, supported by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the American Alliance of Museums. Panelists will share how they use technology to keep communities connected and explore ways that their projects could be replicated in other museums. For more information, click here.


“Failing Forward: Prototyping, Mistakes and What We Learned”

American Alliance of Museums

May 10, 2017  –  11:15-12:30 PM

St. Louis America’s Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, MO

Panelists: Linda Norris (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience), Danielle Steinmann (The Trustees of Reservations), Maura Hallisey (Harriet Beecher Stowe Center)

Staff and consultants of historic houses will share their tales from the trenches of prototyping new visitor experiences of guided tours. Participants will explore various prototyping tools and build their own creative capacity on the way to creating meaningful, more inclusive experiences for many different types of visitors. For more information, click here.


Recent Activities

Immigration Working Group Call
March 28, 2017

To encourage collaboration on emerging global themes that cut across regions, the Coalition regularly facilitates global working groups to enable cross-regional exchange and collaboration. Currently there are three active working groups: 1) Environmental Justice; 2) Immigration; and 3) Incarceration, Institutionalization and Internment.
On March 28, 2017, the Immigration Working Group met to discuss collaboration between member sites in countries that are addressing the current refugee crisis – be they countries that are welcoming refugees, witnessing their nationals leaving, or experiencing an influx of migrants travelling through their territories. For more information on the group, please contact Global Networks Program Manager Linda Norris at


“Memory and Exodus, Past and Present”
European Regional Network Meeting
October 18-21, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
Host: Memorial Democràtic

The 2016 European Sites of Conscience regional meeting centered on how Sites of Conscience address exile in the past and present, and how sites can serve as a space to hold productive conversations around these issues. The meeting was grounded in historical examples from the Catalan experience and the contemporary forms of exile and migration currently affecting Europe. Through a mix of site visits, internal presentations and a public event, participants explored the role that Sites of Conscience can play in their communities to galvanize conversations and engagement around exile and migration.

“The network meeting was inspirational,” said Christelle Dethy, who oversees exhibitions and cultural projects at Le Bois du Cazier. “It gave us an opportunity to pause our everyday work in order to share and learn from other Sites of Conscience.”


Annual Board Meeting and GIJTR Partners Meeting
October 17-21, 2016
Antigua, Guatemala 

The Coalition hosted two meetings in Antigua, Guatemala in October 2017, one for esteeme
Board Members and another for partners of the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation (GIJTR). Participants discussed developments among Sites of Conscience worldwide and also new opportunities to design and implement holistic, collaborative, survivor-focused initiatives in countries in transition.

In addition, site visits were made to the laboratories of GIJTR partner, the Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG), which provided firsthand insights into the processes of scientific forensic investigation into gross human rights violations and the identification of the disappeared. Participants also visited Coalition members Archivo Histórico de la Policia Nacional and Casa de la Memoria “Kaji Tulam,” where they were led on a tour by a student docent.


“El presente se discute con memoria”
Latin American and Caribbean Regional Network Meeting
September 13-16, 2016
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Host: Memoria Abierta

The Latin American and Caribbean regional meeting focused on Sites of Conscience advocacy strategies for the promotion of human rights – strategies that use the history of dictatorship and internal armed conflict in Latin America to make meaningful change in the present. Through a mix of presentations on the most pressing contemporary human rights issues in Latin America, a site visit and internal discussions, participants explored the role that Sites of Conscience can play in creating social and political change. The meeting took place at the Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos ex-ESMA, the former campus of an Argentine Navy educational facility that was the most emblematic site of detention and torture during the last Argentine dictatorship, a space that the Coalition advocated for the preservation and activation of for many years.